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Robbie Williams joins us at Clarke & Carrie's Place!

Working on content for our subscription site has been hard graft, especially when you're juggling it with work, family and studies.

It is incredibly rewarding when someone relays to you how the resources on the site have encouraged them to make changes within their own lives, in a way that they wouldn't have attempted without that catalyst.

Sharing experiences is so powerful.

It validates the reader/listener's own experiences and, by extension, gives them the freedom and permission to explore them.

It is even more powerful when those experiences are shared by someone who holds an elevated status within society, and there aren't many loftier than our friend Robbie Williams!

It is so exciting that he has contributed his time and insights to our Hello Friend Chat section, and we hope that many more people will be inspired into action by the incredible story that he shares.

Here's a trailer for the wonderfully open and honest chat that we had with him:

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