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A busy month...

Another lockdown has seen our work restricted to the virtual platform.

Far from being 'restrictive', this has seen our virtual offering evolve and grow, with the help of improving technology.

The ability to hold polls, proffer questions in real time and have a 'roving mic' that is always in the right place, as well as collating questions contemporaneously with the ability to save them and respond after the session, has seen our interactions with our clients take a step deeper and more personal.

SKY, Close Brothers, QBE and Deep Mind (who just made an extraordinary breakthrough in our knowledge about protein construction, congratulations!) all became part of the C&C alumni this month.

Each delivery amazes us both with the quality of questions that arise, and the collective attention to address prevalent issues within our workplaces and society.

Preparing for a very different Christmas period is at the forefront of many minds at the moment.

We would encourage everyone to ready themselves for 'difference' this year, and pay attention to the January that follows. The 'New Year' winter blues have the potential to far more pronounced if Christmas is affected, as well as the uncertainty that the ongoing Covid situation is bringing.

Whatever your situation, please allow yourself to enjoy the moments that the festive period WILL bring. No-one can take away from you the magic moments that you create.

Merry Christmas and God bless,

C&C x

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