Learn The Strategies And Tools To Manage Your Mental Well-Being While Simultaneously Enhancing Your Fulfilment, Reducing Burnout, Increasing Confidence, and Building Your Resilience.

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  • When: September 25, 2021

  • Length of event: 8 hours

  • Where: Private Zoom classroom (moderated by Molliteum)

  • Time: 8am GMT - 4pm GMT

  • Live Q and A available post-event with Clarke and Carrie Carlisle


Early Bird Pricing Until August 1, 11:59pm EST

Price: £350


This Masterclass Is For Anyone Who Is Interested In Mastering...

1. Exactly how to manage your mental and emotional well-being so you can be a dominant force in performance.

2. How to utilize the basic skills behind mental wellbeing so that you’re able to better speak, manage, and cope with the natural hardships that may occur in life.

3. How to better manage your lifestyle so that you no longer have to sacrifice personal and professional time, allowing for more fulfilment in life.

4. The warning signs and symptoms of workplace burnout, and the strategies to manage it, so that you don’t fall into a negative downward spiral of emotions.

The Tools You’ll Receive...

1. A take-home workbook of every single tool covered both by the Carlisle’s and high-performance partners Molliteum.

2. Accountability and support in our private group with direct access to Clarke and Carrie Carlisle to ask questions and solve problems.

3. Quarterly live video calls in an exclusive chat room with the Carlisle’s and Molliteum to discuss everything around mental well-being and resilience.

4. Weekly reminders, and accountability, to stay on track with your action plans created in the masterclass.

This Masterclass Is The Apex; It’s One Of The Highest Level Events That We’ve Created. Here’s What Others Have to Say About Our Standards Of Excellence...

"Clarke came along to chat with our staff about breaking down the stigma of mental health. His frank, honest, and motivating talks were extremely well received by the people in the room. His ability to speak about his very personal issues helped staff understand the benefits of opening up to people. The tips he offered for helping yourself and others around you were simple and easily achievable. Clarke is a truly lovely genuine man and very brave to talk about his issues. I would highly recommend him to talk at any event."

Department of Health - February 2018

"I knew you were an amazing speaker when I first heard you at the House of Lords, Mental health foundation event. Little did I realize that you would exceed my expectations at our 'Friends of the Mental health Foundation' gala last night. Your eloquence and bravery transformed the room from a buzz of white noise to an attentive silent audience. My husband so enjoyed chatting with you over dinner and you have most definitely left your mark. But equally no one who came and heard your story has left the same as they arrived. From just another fund-raiser, you transformed our event into something meaningful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart as I can imagine revisiting takes its toll. But let me assure you, your presence has done something special for those present and for many children who will benefit."

Mental Health Foundation - 24 September 2018

"It was an extremely emotional and very pertinent session.  We used Slido for our questions following the speaker sessions and I am not sure if Clarke will have seen all of the questions and comments coming through but I wanted to make him and Carrie aware of one comment in particular.  The message said, “You’ve both just opened my eyes, and when I leave here I’m going to seek help – thank you”.  I think that says it all."

NW Finance Directors - 18 October 2019

Hosted By…

  • Clarke and Carrie Carlisle; mental health and well-being experts who’ve worked with some of the leading Fortune 500, EPL teams, and organizations

  • Molliteum: high-performance and resilience experts who’ve served over 5,300 high performances for the last half-decade

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Who This Masterclass Is For…

1. Open minded individuals who are looking for new tools to utilize in performance and life.

2. People looking to find a deeper purpose and meaning in their lives.

3. Any individual who’s looking to learn how to better deal with those they think are going through mental hardships.

4. People who are looking to take control of their lives.

Why Now Is The Best Time Ever To Enroll In This Masterclass…

There’s never been a mastermind tackling both mental well-being and high-performance

  • Usually it’s one or the other

  • In this mastermind we’ve worked extremely hard to bring you the best mix between mental well-being while simultaneously working on your high performance mindset

As a society we are coming off one of the greatest mental hardships dealt with both personally and professionally

  • We’ve all gone through hardship for this past year and half; it’s time we rise above it

  • Receive support, guidance, and tools that some of the world's best athletes, and business professionals, use on a daily basis

Few, if any, people spend time working on themselves from a mental standpoint

  • It doesn’t matter if you’re a high performer or not - everyone needs to work on their mental well-being

  • In this mastermind you’ll learn exactly how to better your mentality


If you do not receive a transformation after this masterclass and do not feel that you have gained lifelong skills then you have 30 days of the event to receive a 100% money back guarantee.

We are here to only help YOU achieve results.