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About our work...

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Keynote delivery

Whether it is part of a conference, internal event or just a one-off session, our keynote deliveries are always insightful, impactful and provoke further conversation within your workplace or work community

Every delivery is tailored to meet your Target Outcomes and the focal point adjusted according to the relevant factors that pertain to your industry

We have delivered in as little as 6 minutes, up to 90 minutes, all dependent on your requirements


We actively encourage Q&A for our sessions, and this can cover any format that best suits your needs and the setting/media of the delivery

Our delivery topics include:

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing

  • Equality and Diversity

  • Leadership Strategy

  • Employee Motivation/Inspiration

  • Barriers in Communication 


To enquire about or book our Keynote services, please register your details and arrange a call


In-person delivery: £4k plus VAT and expenses

Virtual delivery:  £2.5k plus VAT

ED & I workshop with BASF - April 2022


How Can We Be of Greater Service?

Of the tens of thousands of people we have worked with, and the millions we have spoken to, how could we have an even bigger impact?

What can we share that we have not so far?

The answer is: TIME.

Every event we have ever done has been for an hour. Now, we know that this hour has been enough to change the life direction of so many.

So if we can do that in 60 minutes...imagine what we can do with an entire day?!

With that in mind we have spent months developing 2 comprehensive full-day workshops (4 x 1 hour sessions) to bring our passion, insight and expertise into your workplace.

It is incredibly difficult to transfer personal experience into a group environment but, after 20 years in elite professional football, captaining teams at Wembley finals and in the Premier League, Clarke has vast experience in the art of making "My goal" become "Our goals".

With a theme that is ostensibly about teams and sport, we create a dynamic that explores individual identity, group identity and group-to-group transitions that exemplifies the importance of support and supporters when it comes to Diversity and Inclusion.

  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion:

As well as covering the formalities around ED&I, we have developed 3 strands that we believe are essential to creating a consciously inclusive work environment.

Rather than judgement, guilt and/or accusation, we enable all to..


..understand the formation of their own values in order to appreciate the difference (and merit) in others' values

..identify the 'knowledge vacuum' that our individual frames of reference create and become 'consciously curious' in order to fill that vacuum with fact and not stereotype


..engage in honest communication with each other, whilst establishing and maintaining boundaries

We believe that this approach lays the foundation for all identities to be able to meet, share and grow together, whilst allowing for the nuance of individuality within any group.

  • Mental Health Awareness:

The extended time and sessions also enable us to make our primary topic of engagement even more relatable to every attendee.

We are able to expand on the...

...practical tips we share, that have helped us transform our lives.

...questions we answer in full and eplicit detail.

...learnings that explain why we found ourselves in the situations we did AND exactly how we got out of them.

By the end of a day spent at one of our workshops, we guarantee that you will feel:






And fully equipped to go on and create the ideal environment that your workplace will thrive in.

So why not give us a day?

Simply Click on the link below, and we can begin!

C & C x


4 x 1 hour sessions = £10k plus VAT and expenses

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