About our work...

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Keynote delivery

Whether it is part of a conference, internal event or just a one-off session, our keynote deliveries are always insightful, impactful and provoke further conversation within your workplace or work community

Every delivery is tailored to meet your Target Outcomes and the focal point adjusted according to the relevant factors that pertain to your industry

We have delivered in as little as 6 minutes, up to 90 minutes, all dependent on your requirements


We actively encourage Q&A for our sessions, and this can cover any format that best suits your needs and the setting/media of the delivery

Our delivery topics include:

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing

  • Equality and Diversity

  • Leadership Strategy

  • Employee Motivation/Inspiration

  • Barriers in Communication 


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Virtual courses

Over the past decade we have spoken to tens of thousands of professionals across every business sector


At every juncture we encountered stellar organisations, dedicated to promoting good mental health in the workplace, struggling to overcome identical obstacles

The same unspoken stigma preventing employees from accessing the services on offer

The same reluctance to follow professional guidance, in case it interfered with work

We witnessed companies spend incredible sums of money on incentives that were barely used and, in some cases, with employees totally unaware of their existence

In response to these common issues, and many more, we have devised a Mental Health course like no other:

A course that brings every employee up to the same standard, in terms of understanding the mental health spectrum


A course that empowers them to identify where they are on this scale

A course that breaks down old-fashioned, outdated stigma surrounding suboptimal mental health in a professional environment


A course that shows how seeking mental health guidance is an essential part of being an asset to your organisation

Each course consists of 10 sessions, covering a wealth of mental health topics, tailored to the needs of your organisation. These are delivered either through your own intranet, or via our site

The five topics below are vital to every corporations' mental health tool kit, and thus form the mandatory Core Sessions:

  • Mental Health 101 - (Introduction)

  • Creating a safe environment - (Boundaries and normalisation)

  • Effective communication - (Starting/Holding uncomfortable conversations)

  • Signs & Symptoms

  • How to access services - (including appropriate complementary services)

A further four sessions are then selected to suit your companies specific preferences. No-one knows better than you which prevalent factors and issues affect your workplace, or your industry. Our session library includes topics such as:

  • Grief

  • Trauma

  • Male dominated environment

  • Elite Performance environment

  • Job uncertainty

  • Diversity & Inclusion 

  • Transitions/Retirement

The final session is a Live Broadcast Event. We facilitate an in-depth Q&A and discuss how all previous sessions tie together, in order to ensure optimal learning and future action

For companies that wish for all sessions to be Live, or require subjects of a bespoke nature, please feel free to contact us

To discuss or book a course for your organisation, please register your details here to arrange a call